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Forsaken World Class Preview

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The folks at Perfect World Entertainment have posted a preview of the class and race breakdown for Forsaken World. Here’s the official breakdown:

Warrior – Welding the iconic two-handed giant sword to pay homage to Hossinger Apelio, the greatest hero of this class, Warriors are strong, posses superior fighting skills and always fight furiously.

Available: Humans and Elves

Protector – Protectors are brave, fearless, protecting their companions from bodily harm in battle by taking the blows themselves. Until the Protector is defeated, they will do what it takes to keep their battle companions safe to the end.

Available: Stonemen

Mage – Mages posses the power of the elements and can condense the magic elements in the air into various spells. A dying art, mages are still noble characters and are feared for the powerful magic they wield

Available: Humans and Kindred

Priest – Priests have always played a powerful role from the earliest battles, channeling their angelic transfiguration and healing to help lessen injuries sustained by their teammates. Firm in their faith and carrying kind hearts, Priests are imbued with the power to heal the wounded by the gods.

Available: Humans and Elves

Assassin – Always lurking in the darkness, patiently waiting for the perfect time to strike a deadline blow, Assassins are one of the most deadly classes. While not possessing incredible strength or colorful magic, an Assassin’s short sword can still take life away in a blink of an eye.

Available: Humans and Kindred

Marksman – With only the strength of their forefinger and steadiness of their hands, Marksmen can take out enemies from a great distance. Highly developed technology gives Marksmen a powerful weapon that allows them to deal out many hits on an enemy before they even come close. If left alone, Marksmen are known to pick off waves of enemies.

Available: Dwarves

Vampire – Vampires are excellent at short distance fighting and magic. Their blood contains a life force of the great Vampire King, which they use during battle to release powerful magic or use deadly skills. Alternatively, Vampires can also use their own blood to save a teammate’s life. Mysterious creatures, Vampires often come up with ingenious military moves in battle.

Available: Kindred

Bard – Bards always carry a small harp that they use to help tell the stories of great heroes and their deeds while traveling throughout the land. In battle, Bards are able to channel their music as a weapon to hurt enemies or aid teammates. Often underestimated, the Bard’s playing skills are able to affect all who can hear them, making them very versatile in battle. Many believe that the melodies of the Bard can keep the world from evil and destruction.

Available: Elves

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