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Forge of Empires: Soccer Cup Begins

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Forge of Empires

Today, InnoGames has launched the Forge of Empires Soccer Cup. In the event, which will run for the next four and a half weeks, players have the chance to shoot penalties and compete with their neighbors, in order to receive bonuses or new, exclusive buildings. Game designer Peer introduces the event in a new video :

During the Soccer Cup, players will receive new shots hourly or for solving quests. Those are used in a minigame that is shared among the neighborhood to score “Cups”. Players can choose between four different types of penalties, which vary in difficulty and chances of winning. Depending on the chosen difficulty players will be rewarded with a different number of cups – A lob is harder to put off than a simple shot in the corner but the reward is much higher. The more neighbors fail at a specific shot, the more cups the player who finally succeeds gets. Cups can be traded for exclusive buildings, bonuses or items. In addition, every week, the player with the highest score will receive a unique decoration.

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