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Forge of Empires’ Modern Era Presents Hollywood and Rock’n’Roll!

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InnoGames just released a new period for its strategic online game Forge of Empires across all languages: The Modern Era, introducing the fabulous fifties to the game! The addition includes a completely new quest line, which will be the longest one so far with almost 100 story quests. New technologies, like “Commercial Aviation” and “Hollywood” wait to be researched, and numerous Modern Era buildings will create a unique 50’s vibe – who doesn’t need an amusement park in their cities? In this new video, the game’s designer Peer further explains features of the Modern Era.

The modern Era will introduce the full range of modern convenience to Forge of Empires – players have to take care of their citizens’ happiness and entertainment by building diners, amusement parks and producing movies. New production buildings allow for rare goods from previous ages to be refined and combined, creating entirely new ones. Blueprint collectors can also look forward to the Space Needle, the first of the Era’s Great Buildings.


There will also be lots of fights going on – the campaign takes place in a new continent in the Far East, spanning 11 provinces and containing several factions, each with their own agenda. The player’s choices in this conflict not only determine the outcome but also the rewards being given upon victory. The battlefields will introduce new strategic aspects as well: paratroopers and tanks allow for surprise attacks and devastating assaults. Battles now also take place on tropical beaches, palm trees and sand hills as strategic elements.

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