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Forge of Gods Announces ‘Wake Up FoG’ Update

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A huge update is coming to Forge of Gods in the form of “Wake Up! FoG” that brings a new game mechanic, raid and more. The big feature is Awakening, which works in a similar manner to Evolve, in that you choose a creature, then the recipe, but instead of leveling up, the creature acquires a new skill. There are presently six Tier 5 creatures and six Tier 3 creatures that can receive Awakening. All creatures have 2 Awakening recipes that vary in complexity as well as two new skills. They all require the creature itself, and then four of the new special Awakening evo-material, Moon Spark and the Rarer Sun Spark.¬†¬†Awakening recipes will be the same for all grades (from XI to XVII for Tier 5 and from IX to XIV for Tier 3) of the creature. So, you can Awake it at any moment. Level of these creatures drops to 1, but the value of their skills grow with the creature grade. There’s also the forthcoming Guild Raid, “Skyland”. The entrance fee is Life Crystals but promises to be an interesting time.

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