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Flyff releases V18: Renaissance

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The latest major update to hit Flyff: Fly For Fun, V18: Renaissance, is now live.

Madrigal gains three new mid-level dungeons and over 100 quests, with an improved item drop system. The update introduces new enhancements for Baruna weapons, making them more powerful against elite opponents and the new mid-level monsters.

To celebrate the patch release, players can get 2.5x experience and free items for logging in starting today, as well as increased drop rates for Sunstones and Moonstones.

Flyff is published by gPotato, which also publishes Allods Online and Luna Online.

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Flyff V18: Renaissance Now Live!

Flyff Introduces Improved Weapons, Three Dungeons, Multiple Events, and More

Sunnyvale, Calif. November 22, 2011 – Flyff players can now soar through magnificent new lands and obtain great fortunes with the launch of its new expansion, Flyff V18: Renaissance, today!  New dungeons, weapon enhancements, over 100 new quests, and more await the high-flyers of one of the world’s most beloved MMORPGs.

Baruna weapons have long been cast aside as inferior, but no more!  New enhancements mold them into powerful weapons, capable of empowering their owners against the most elite opponents.  Flyff’s new mid-level monsters like the deceivingly vicious plant life of Euphrasia will wilt against the might of these improved items.

Plus, Madrigal will be populated with three new mid-level dungeons, over 100 new quests, and an improved item drop system making it easier than ever to obtain rewards.  Players can soar over new landscapes filled with treacherous dungeons and monsters, battle with 60 amazing new weapons, and explore 150 levels packed with content as 1 of over 20 different classes.

To celebrate the expansion Flyff is giving away even more wealth through multiple events that begin today!  Flyff players will enjoy receiving 2.5 times the EXP and free items automatically just by logging in.  Sunstones and Moonstones will drop more frequently, and leveling up will additionally award players with helpful items.  Learn more about these events and all the new features on the official Flyff website at

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