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Firefall Update 1.3: War in the Amazon Available Today

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Red 5 Studios announces the release of Update 1.3: War in the Amazon for the MMO shooter, Firefall.  This update introduces the game’s first Warzone, a max-level area where players will engage in all-out war against the Chosen Razorwind clan.  In addition to the new endgame content, players will also get to challenge themselves in Big Game Hunter as well as experience an onslaught of brand new additions.  This update is available for free to all Firefall players.

Chosen Warzone

Introducing the very first Warzone, a colossal battleground where players must work together to take command of point of interests and annihilate a brand new Chosen threat.  This level 40 endgame zone will feature NEW ENEMIES along with dynamic encounters and missions that will provide NEW REWARDS.  Bring your strongest allies and prepare for war!

Big Game Hunter

Ready your arsenal and embrace the spirit of the hunter!  Big Game Hunter allows players to gain new achievements by hunting stronger, mutated versions of normal creatures.  Sharpen your senses and let the games begin!

More Improvements

Along with the two new additions, Update 1.3 also brings numerous improvements to Firefall:

  • Faction Update – Major town vouchers will be converted to reputation experience.
  • Social Improvement – Allows squad to determine how item drops are distributed.
  • Combat Addition – New modules that can improve weapon range (dropped or crafted).
  • PVP Improvement – Wasteland Melding Anomaly event available in Broken Peninsula. (Note: This has been delayed till a future time)

For a complete list of new features and included in Update 1.3: War in the Amazon visit

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