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Find Pharaoh’s Lost Treasures in Angels Online

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The latest expansion to arrive in Angels Online, Pharaoh’s Lost Treasures, is now live.

The update adds seven new maps, themed around the culture of the ancient Egyptians, and also adds a new instance with the strongest bosses yet in game. A new daily event system is being introduced to offer solo and group events with rewards useable for Basil City. New skills have been added to every class as well.

Angels Online is published by IGG, which also publishes Wonderland Online and Tales of Fantasy.

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Angels Online Expansion: Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure

For four years, the Angels Online ( fantasy MMORPG has offered players fun and excitement in an anime-style 2D MMORPG packed with fantasy and adventure. The game boasts stunning effects, a wide range of character customization options and many other features that keep players coming back for more. For those seeking new adventure, the latest Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure expansion will be released on October 20th , which is one not to be missed.

One of the expectations high on player’s list has to be maps. Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure expansion promises seven new maps of fun and excitement for players to explore. Players will have a chance to be acquainted with the culture, heritage and the colorful history of the ancient Egyptians. What is a new expansion without a challenge? The newest Pharaoh’s instance boasts three of the strongest bosses ever seen in game; each with their own special ability. It takes teamwork, effort and a good mix of classes for an easier fight.

For regular players looking out for fun without the hassle of battling monsters, the daily event system provides just that need. The daily events or dailies offer a range of different, easy quests that provides non-stop entertainment and an interesting mix of pleasure for a great experience. Some of these daily quests require cooperation from teammates to achieve a goal while other can be accomplished in solo. Daily events offer great rewards that can be used while grinding or exploring the deep valleys of Basil City.

For those looking for flashy animations and slick maneuvers, the game developers have customized a series of new skills exquisite to each class. From support magic to strong debuffs, deadly poisons to the twang of the bowstring, each skill comes with its stunning animation and deal powerful damage to foes. Despite its level limitations, these skills will prove useful when besieged by the hordes of walking dead and sand critters hide in the dust of the desert sands.

Angels Online has come a long way in building an ideal gaming community for all players. If you’re up for the test, take your wits with you, as only the strong-willed will survive.

Angels Online has come a long way in building an ideal gaming community for all players. For more information on the Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure expansion, see Check out the official site at to stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in Angels Online. Visit to learn more about IGG’s growing family of games.

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