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Final Fantasy XIV – All Saints’ Wake Has Begun

FFXIV All Saints Wake 2019

The latest event for Final Fantasy XIV, All Saints’ Wake has officially begun in Eorzea! This event will run until November 1st, 2019. During All Saints’ Wake, the continental Circus will be arriving, and will explore the woods of Gridania. Players who are at least level 15 and have completed the “It’s Probably Pirates” quest can join in to earn some awesome limited-time items. Certain items that were available in previous All Saints’ Wake events will also be available during this time.

Some of the unique in-game items players can earn include:

  • Circus Resonator – Summon forth your Circus Ahriman mount, a voidsent bred by the Continental Circus.

  • Pumpkin Carriage – An outdoor furnishing item brimming with holiday spirit.

  • Fantastical All Saints’ Wake Advertisement – A hand-painted notice advertising the sorcery and spooks of All Saints’ Wake.

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