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FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Exceeds 10 Million Players Worldwide

FFXIV - Main Image

Today we have very exciting news for Final Fantasy XIV!

Final Fantasy XIV now has over 10,000,000 players worldwide! Exciting to see it go from  1.0 to being rebuilt into A Realm Reborn, through Heavensward and now the latest expansion, Stormblood. Players have been diving into the Samurai and Red Mage jobs feet first, encountering a number of high-level raids, new bosses, and exciting new features. This is also on the heels of the 4.06 update, which brings a new series of quests for the Moonfire Faire 2017! A new set of fashion gear, fireworks, an Orchestrion roll, not to mention a potential battle with Final Fantasy VI’s own “Uncle Ulty”, Ultros! Players who want to give the world of Eorzea a try can click the link below, and play a free trial that has no time limit and can enjoy content up to level 35, play eight characters, and experience all the classes/jobs without restriction.

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