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Final Fantasy XIV: Letter from the Producer LIVE LV Summary

FFXIV Live Letter LV

On Friday October 18, the Final Fantasy XIV team held a live letter stream to break down many of the new changes coming with the upcoming Patch 5.1. These changes have been summarized below; translations were done in the FFXIV reddit Discord.

Note: Job adjustments have been moved to the end, although some of them were addressed briefly in the middle of the letter.

Private Housing

  • More plots will be added, but will be restricted to FCs (purchase and relocation) initially
  • Spriggan and Twintania servers will have housing unlocked at the launch of 5.1

Hades EX

  • Difficulty compared to Shinryu EX
  • Two tokens drop per clear
  • Fight and cutscenes will be longer than usual

Crafting/Gathering Revamp

  • New recipe tree to break down multiple steps in complicated recipes
  • Ability to open a raw material list for a recipe, showing how many normal/high quality items you have of each
  • Crafting and Gathering logs now connected, so you can open gathering log from crafting
  • Crafting skills being greatly condensed, to help simplify the process and reduce clutter. 5.1 will include some adjustments, but more will happen in 5.2
  • Desynth will be changed to a 100% chance

Ishgard Restoration:

  • Arriving in 5.11
  • Focus is on crafting and gathering; crafters will be focused in the first phase
  • The Skybuilder’s Board will host tasks and projects for players to work on
  • These are community efforts, and each world will have its own progression depending on its community efforts
  • A lack of contribution can cause the task to fail; compared to the FATE system
  • Multiple rewards to earn here, including a hairstyle, gorilla mount, clothing for glamour and more
  • Diadem will return as a gathering island

New Items & Miscellaneous

  • New housing fencing
  • New housing partitions
  • Design contest gear is being  created
  • New GATE for the Golden Saucer featuring boss mechanics
  • New “wall lean” emote
  • New Morbol mount (with field action)
  • New flying pig mount (with field action)
  • Changes to the Mirage Dresser
  • Working on making it so that you can spend old tomes in a single location, rather than in multiple scattered locations

Beast Tribe: Pixies

  • Pixies will have a solo instanced area
  • Quest levels will be adaptive to class level as in previous beast tribes


  • Changes coming in 5.15
  • 24-player battles removed
  • Recast timer for Return removed
  • Waiting time to return to battle fixed at 5 seconds
  • Only 4 players can register together for a PvP duty
  • New Frontline mode: Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam). Players must compete to capture ovoo on the field; fully claimed ovoo will become inaccessible.
  • Achievement mount promised

New Game +

  • Supports Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers
  • ARR quests are being reworked, but will be added when complete
  • Access can be put on a hotbar
  • Expansions are split into four parts
  • You will be able to leave NG+ at any time, including if a queue pops
  • No quest rewards
  • NPC Dialogue will be reverted, letting you catch up on missed dialogue
  • Instanced battles from the story will be available, and have multiple difficulties

Nier Raid

  • “The Copied Factory” – 24-man Alliance Raid
  • Models from Nier recreated in FFXIV’s engine

The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate)

  • Released two weeks after 5.1
  • Everything from the original
  • Rewards will be special weapons and a title

Job Related Changes


  • Huge changes on Ninjutsu and Mudra, and they are now categorized as GCD actions (with charge actions up to 2 stacks)
  • Almost all actions have their potencies adjusted
  • The play feel itself however doesn’t change
  • NIN DoT is no longer a combo action, and is now a singular action on its own
  • Kassatsu has been reverted back as a normal ability
  • The specification of Ten Chi Jin are now interchangeable actions and can activate Ninjutsu at will
  • Trick Attack’s duration has been increased, but its effect nerfed. TA can also be applied at any directions instead of strictly from the back (It’s meant to have its usability changed to be easier to use, but with the effect nerfed to compensate)
  • Hellfrog Medium, Bhavacakra, Bunshin’s gauge consumption is adjusted from 80, down to 50. In according to this change, the overall skills will see a review in its Ninki accumulation.


  • SAM’s overall DPS will see increase compared to 5.08, but if you judge it based on patch notes itself, it may be taken as if it’s weaker, instead of stronger.
  • Shoha’ potency is fixed at 400. It will be incorporated as part of your rotation, and you are required a medication stacks of 3 to execute it (In Japanese, it’ll have a new stack name called Kenatsu (剣圧, Sword Preasure/Aura, which is basically your meditation stacks)
  • Meditation stack is granted through Meditate, Iajutsus, and Tsubamegaeshi.
  • Dev team made estimations that that you may be using Shoha once every 40 seconds.
  • The cooldown after using Tsubamegaeshi will be affected by Skill speed
  • Usability of the job will increase for the better.


  • Egi Assault 1 and 2 are now categorized as spells and will be affected by GCD. Due to this change, action potencies will be increased.
  • SMN’s overall firepower will be increased.
  • Your opener will see yourself pressing up to 6 buttons less at the first minute.
  • Overall action recast (cooldowns) will be adjusted to make it align nicely.
  • Ruination effect from Tri Disaster deleted, what replaces the effect will be direct damage.
  • Bane’s trait will be adjusted, where its additional effect is adjusted from 15% to 100%


  • BRD won’t be like what BRD was during 4.x but song will now have support effects added
  • The job overall will be buffed including its support ability
  • While having synergy, it will have its firepower weaker than MCH as a result.
  • The sound effect for Soul Voice when filled to allow access to Apex Arrow will change


  • Potencies increased. Potency increase will mean overall firepower increase.
  • Some skill will also see recast timer shortened.


  • MNK’s firepower will remain.
  • Mantra is too strong and therefore it will have slight adjustments


  • DRG’s firepower increase
  • Usability will be improved


  • RDM’s overall potency will increase and buffed, at a considerable amount.
  • RDM’s trait will also be buffed as well
  • Devs do acknowledged that the proc is very RNG reliant, therefore Acceleration’s specifications will be changed to proc up to 3 times and will not disappear until then. However its cooldown will be adjusted to be longer


  • BLM will see no changes.
  • Minor improvement on displaying your Triplecast stacks, that’s it.


  • Improvements on usability


  • Effect range for Asylum will be adjusted


  • MP consumption for spells will be adjusted to cost less
  • Potencies are being adjusted as well
  • Regarding cards, Minor Arcana will be adjusted so that it reduces unnecessary steps. One such example would be how it will directly apply Lord/Lady instead of making the card into Lord/Lady and then you use it
  • Specifics of Collective Unconscious will be changed where executing the skill will bring different effects depending on whether you’re in Diurnal (HoT and defense barrier of 10% damage mitigation) and Nocturnal (Instantly grant 10% damage mitigation shield that lasts 20 seconds) will be different depending on which sect you’re in


  • Buffs in defense
  • Reprisal is now an AoE effect instead of a single enemy, and duration buffed to 10 seconds.
  • Sentinel, Vengence effect will last 15 seconds
  • Holmgang’s effect timer will also be extended.
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