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Fiesta Online – Rise of Elga Update Arriving May 30

Fiesta Online Rise of Elga

Fiesta Online announces that on May 30th at 10am CEST, The Rise of Elga update releases and allows players to battle new enemies in four new zones, and a new dungeon, whilst collecting new gear and experiencing new mechanics, all to ready themselves for the new endgame boss, Queen Egma.

Welcome to Elga, a large underwater kingdom that is a completely submerged, hostile environment requiring players to manage their oxygen levels while fighting hordes of new enemies like cursed chests, water guards, mutated shrimp, and mini bosses like the fearsome beast Ellvilei.

A core new mechanic that underwater explorers can expect is the addition of oxygen management. Players must survive in a submerged water system and avoid drowning by managing their breathing levels. They can do this by using items and air bubbles around the world, or by making use of safe zones around the world of Elga.

Included in the Rise of Elga expansion:

  • Elga: A brand new underwater world.
  • Four new zones and a new dungeon
  • New gear
  • New Lvl 140 accessory and armour sets that include special buffs and effects, and will drop from in game bosses
  • And much more

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