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Festivities Arrive in RaiderZ this Week

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Perfect World Entertainment has announced that winter festivities will arrive this Wednesday, December 12, in RaiderZ.

Players can collect Christmas Cards to trade them in for winter gear, defend Ingen against an invasion of Snowman, battle the Ice Queen in a special quest instance, and collect new Christmas Costumes to stay warm in the chilly season. The events will continue until January 2, 2013.

Senior Producer Mark Hill said:

“On behalf of the team here at Perfect World and the developers at MAIET Entertainment, I’d like to thank our community for supporting RaiderZ and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Whether you’re a fan who has been hunting since RaiderZ launched earlier this year or a brand new player, there’s a lot to enjoy with the upcoming launch of our winter themed festivities.”

Perfect World also publishes Rusty Hearts and Forsaken World.

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