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Faeria’s Expansion Launches Today

As of right now, Faeria’sĀ first expansion, “The Adventure Pouch: Oversky” unlocks! Players goal is to free the Oversky from evil control once and for all. It contains five islands, each of which are unique, and ready to be explored. They have their own sets of mission paths, and adventurers who are successful will be given access to great power, new cards and more. Some of the new content includes an incredible co-op mode where you team up with a friend or an AI partner to do battle across the Oversky, and defeat the Mirnast Empire and their vile Emperor. 33 new cards come in this expansion which will help build some incredible new decks without a doubt. Two new mechanics come in this expansion, called “Wild” and “Swallow”, not to mention the Adventure Pouch special item, which gives access to a new co-op challenge every day during the event.

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