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Explore Puzzles & Conquest, A Light Strategy Match-3 Game

Puzzles & Conquest

Press Release

Puzzles & Conquest, a widely acclaimed match-3 game published by 37GAMES, has recently revealed its official CG trailer. The game is a mix of tactical wargame elements with casual puzzle gameplay. Players start by building their own castles and match tiles to expand their territory. According to 37Games, Puzzles & Conquest is going to roll out a major update soon. Users can download it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Players can play as a lord of their own dominion and join an epic quest to fight against the undead. To defeat the powerful Undead Lord, all the races have formed an alliance to combat this grave evil. Will players be able to save the world or succumb to the undead?

Puzzles & Conquest

Match-3 + Light Strategy

Classic casual puzzle gameplay meets epic heroes, amazing combos, and cool hero skills. Match tiles of identical elements to deal damage to enemies. Use hero skills to inflict critical damage and turn the tide in the battle.

Puzzles & Conquest

Recruit Heroes For Free Daily

Players can easily collect and develop a variety of heroes, each with their own unique appearance, skills, and playstyles. Recruit heroes for free daily to build the strongest team the world has ever seen.

Puzzles & Conquest

City Building Simulation

Build cities, train troops, research technologies… all in one game. Players can build their own castle, construct different buildings to help them manage their territory. Recruit, rise, and rule… Players can raise armies, forge kingdoms and finally be able to conquer the realm.

Puzzles & Conquest

Light Strategy + Social Features

Players can initiate or join rallies and reinforce allies in battle. Nobody survives alone. Players can create or join an alliance, become an alliance leader to fight alongside their brethren and expand their territory step by step. Fun social features are waiting for you to explore!

Puzzles & Conquest

It is said the hero “Flora Fairy” in the last update has received a lot of positive feedback. The developers have also confirmed that a wave of brand-new content and awesome events will soon arrive. It’s definitely worth a try. You can also follow the official Facebook fan page to be updated on the latest news, events, giveaways, and more.

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