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ExitLag: A Reliable Connection Every Time

Exit Lag

Playing an MMORPG demands a strong internet connection at all times. Period. Doesn’t matter if you’re only chilling or chatting with your friends at an empty bar at the server, you don’t want a disconnect message.

After all, if your connection fails even at an empty place, imagine what can happen in a crowded city or worse, in a deadly battle or a PvP zone? Yeah…

And then launches a game that you really want to play, but the servers are half a world away and your ping is in the thousands. But you really wanna play it. Lag-free, if possible. Is it?

Yes. Meet ExitLag.

ExitLag is a software that optimizes your connection and gets rid of lag, even in a server far far away such as this new MMO.

It maintains your ping under control. Keeps the game from freezing even in the most populated areas and grants you the key to a smooth experience. In a few words: lag is no more. It’s like a new OP skill, seriously.

In the Tunnelling market since 2010, ExitLag has its roots in MMORPGs and more than 300 games available, with an ever-growing library. ExitLag takes the responsibility of carrying game data back and forth, from your game to the server, and delivers a lag-free experience with no compromises. Check out some of its features:

– Servers in the five continents

To ensure no lag wherever you are, wherever your data needs to go.

– Multipath Connection

Why have more than one route available? Simple: should one fail, the others will keep up the work, and you’ll never notice.

– IPV6 Support

The newer and faster Internet Protocol will ensure smooth gameplay.

– FPS Boost

A tool that tweaks your OS so your games can run not only without lag, but with more frames.

– Traffic Shaper

Give priority to what should have priority. Traffic Shaper gives you the power to arrange data traffic and put your game – or whatever you like – at the top.

Cool, right? And best of all: you have a free 3-day trial to see for yourself and test however you like, with no credit card required. Click here and try ExitLag right now!

Post sponsored by ExitLag.

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