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EVE Online: Universe-Spanning Changes Are Coming

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EVE Online

CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, has launched the largest overhaul ever to industry within its award-winning sci-fi game, EVE Online. Changes ripple across the stars, affecting everything from how player- constructed starbases function to spaceship blueprints to basic asteroid composition and adding new features like an intuitive new user industry interface and worker teams that supplement competition between solar systems.

Industry fuels EVE’s critically acclaimed “infernal machine” of harvesting, creation and destruction. These game systems collectively govern the creation of nearly every item in the game by players using raw and salvaged materials and make EVE the stuff of economic and sociological legend. With improvements to accessibility, diversity and meaning in industrial gameplay, EVE’s “Crius” release catalyzes player-driven action and rewards thoughtful and opportunistic planning for those who profit from the creation of spaceships, modules and innumerable other goods.

Sophisticated industrial operations underpin the famous player wars that rage across EVE’s thousands of star systems at the same time as smaller, individual efforts generate wealth, meaning and power for personal ambition. Crius allows player-influenced shifts in the industrial landscape to redefine the “sandbox” by adding assembly cost scaling and a market for work teams to supplement construction. Newer players will find an easier path into industry as manufacturing slots open up and the user interface is reimagined to be more intuitive and informative.

“Crius opens up EVE’s sprawling economy to a whole new generation of industrialists, as it has never been more intuitive, dynamic and interesting to build things for yourself or other players.” said Andie Nordgren, Senior Producer for EVE Online. “We’re eagerly awaiting to see how our players use one of the most sophisticated crafting and market systems in gaming now that it is live.”

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