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EVE Online: New changes allow opportunities in player-controlled space

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EVE Online

CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, today has rocked the notorious player-controlled metagame of EVE Online with changes to force projection while delivering dozens of other features and improvements to the game in the “Phoebe” release. Bringing some of the boldest developments in more than 11 years to EVE’s massive sci-fi universe, Phoebe echoes the developer’s new mantra of challenging long-held assumptions while staying true to EVE’s often-praised sandbox game design.

In Phoebe, major changes have come to force projection – the way EVE players use jump portals to move their massive spaceships across gaming’s largest universe. The introduction of a new jump fatigue mechanic means players and their corporations, alliances and coalitions now have to make even more strategic decisions as they set up supply lines, commit themselves to a battle far away from their home solar systems, or jump into a fleet fight as a third party. These changes are paired with the new ability of capital ships to use stargates provided they don’t lead to high security space and for Titans to use their terrifyingly powerful doomsday devices in low security space. Changes to medical clone installation, sovereignty structures and station service durability are sure to inspire new paradigms for player-driven conflicts.

For some time all the major coalitions and alliances in EVE Online have been preparing for the changes politically, diplomatically and militarily with a flurry of activity and diplomacy in player-owned space at levels not seen in years. Many regions have already changed hands in advance of Phoebe and some have been effectively evacuated, awaiting ambitious new occupants to stake their claims.

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