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EVE Online Adds French Lanuage Support

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EVE Online

CCP Games, a leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, has added French language support and myriad other features and improvements with Oceanus, the latest release for its compelling, long-standing sci-fi game, EVE Online.

In Oceanus, full French language support has come to EVE, including a localized client. With an award-winning player-community that spans the globe playing in a single shared universe, supporting multiple languages has become an important part of bringing players together, whether in small corporations of a dozen friends or coalitions of tens of thousands of pilots.

In the last eleven years, French-speaking players have already proven their skill and dedication across a variety of gameplay styles. With full language support their contributions should increase exponentially, as shown with other players when Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified) were added.

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