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Ether Saga Online adds Pit of Champions

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Ether Saga Online vets, there’s a new instance just for you: Pit of Champions.

The instance has a two hour time limit, and is designed for players level 90 and up who have at least 5,000 Valor. The Dweller of Vacuity will give players a Sword of Courage before they head to Chauncy and enter the Pit. Within the pit, players must eliminate 100 waves of monsters, each with 10 monsters (except every 20th wave, which offers a boss instead). When complete – either by defeating the waves, or running out of time – players will get a rating based on the number of monsters killed. Four NPCs are also available in the pit with buffs for players, but those buffs cost points that will harm player rating.

Each monster drops gold, spirit, and valor upon death, as well as chances for items like signet embed stones, chaplet items such as time dust stone, Etheral Charms – Kan , common jades, and serpent saliva. Even more fantastic loot waits players who complete the whole 100 waves:

When players kill all 100 waves, they will receive a Square Destiny Jade Debris, which can forged into a level 100 Destiny Jade, used to unseal level 100 Destiny Gears, 6 Hour Possessors and a 6 Hour Jadeon of Soul. Based on your rating of how you performed you can also Triangle Destiny Jade Debris (Forged into a level 90 Destiny Jade), 2 Hour Double EXP Tokens, Experience, Lost World Reputation as well as Spirit.

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