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Eternal Offers Twitch Prime Members Limited-Time Exclusives

Eternal - Twitch Prime -image

Until September 11th, Dire Wolf Digital is partnering with Twitch Prime for a very special promotion for their card game, Eternal. Prime members who link their Eternal account can claim the “Eternal Collector’s Bounty” for a wealth of exclusive items. Even if you’ve never played Eternal, this is a fantastic time to get started, as this comes with over $40 of in-game content to get newcomers and veterans alike ready to duel. All players have to do is link their Twitch Prime accounts, and then they can access the Bounty the next time they log in. This is available for all platforms: Steam, iOS, and Android.

It contains the following items:

  • Twitch Pack Bundle – 32 packs from The Empty Throne and one pack with a guaranteed legendary from The Fall of Argenport

  • Premium Card Back: Helpful Doorbot – Everyone’s favorite Grenadin, Metal Bouncer is back in action and bringing the bling.

  • Premium Avatar: Ashara, Ruthless Assassin – Never trust an assassin. Keep Ashara close and let enemies suffer her wrath instead.

Stay tuned to Dire Wolf Digital’s Twitch feed and social channels for livestreams, giveaways and more throughout the Twitch Prime promotion!

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