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Era of Celestials Reveals All-New Team Battle ‘Chaos Incubus’

Era of Celestials Chaos Incubus

Era of Celestials is putting the players’ input first again, with this new cross-server/team battle event, Chaos Incubus. The gameplay is key for high-level players who want to make that step into the upper echelons of the game. In Chaos Incubus, players team up in groups of four and fight for survival. The Elysians and strongest champions in the Temple of War set five trials, for adventurers to test themselves upon. The five stages last twelve minutes total and players who clear them will be granted special materials.

There are three difficulty levels in Chaos Incubus and players can gain skills like increased speed, recovery, invulnerability and a few more besides. All teams have a limited time to collect keys to open a treasure which, in turn, offers access to the Swordsoul Awakening. Awakening the Soulstone is a new way to enhance one’s power, and it assists the player in increasing BR/HP/Crit/DEF. Every player can now create ‘exclusive’ Elysians, by assigning them different skills. GTarcade also offers its congratulations to AutumnLeaf from CET-S156’s beautiful work “Elysian of Balance – Vyenna” selected as the overall winner of the Celestial design contest.

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