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EpicDuel updates to version 1.0.5e

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Artix Entertainment has updated EpicDuel to Beta Evolution version 1.0.5e.

The new version includes 20 new weapons, improvements to NPC AI, and reduced lag. The security systems of the game have been improved, and new in-game moderation features have been added – and of course, a small host of bug fixes were applied as well.

Artix Entertainment also hints that a few new improvements will be coming, including more payment options, character pages, weapon upgrades, player housing, and improved battle modes.

The Original Announcement:

Beta Evolution 1.0.5e is LIVE!

This update includes the following:

  • Over 20 New Weapons!
  • New in-game moderator features – introducing temp bans, chat block, warnings, and more!
  • Improved system security during battle
  • Significant performance improvements during battle (less lag!!!)
  • NPC AI speed improvements (they think faster!)
  • The chat log no longer scrolls to the bottom when a new message is added
  • FIXED – Battles that “Fail to Start” no longer count as runs or losses in your battle record
  • FIXED – Eliminated battle hang issues related to AOE attacks when targets disconnect or leave battle
  • FIXED – In rare cases, daily leaderboard leaders were not receiving awards
  • FIXED – Space Pirate Armor for females
  • FIXED – Chat Filter improvements

Other features to look forward to soon!

  • More Payment options – PayByCash, Cherry Credits, SMS (We will have these before Founder Offer expires!)
  • More website Improvements
  • Character Pages on the website (show off your achievements to your friends)
  • Weapon Upgrades
  • Faction Headquarters (meet in central location, communicate more easily, post notes, hold meetings)
  • Improved Faction Management (founder step down feature, player activity details)
  • Player Housing (purchase custom items to decorate your home and showcase your achievements)
  • Improved retraining system (retrain backwards as many levels as you like!)
  • New Battle Modes – survival mode, 2vs1 boss battles (possible drops)
  • Tournaments for rare prizes!
  • And lots lots more!
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