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Elsword Releases Ara Haan’s Asura Job Upgrade

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Elsword Ara Haan Asura Launch

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the launch of the new ominous, albeit sultry 2nd Job for Ara Haan’s Little Specter path: Asura. Her path towards despair and redemption continues as her personal story in Elsword progresses:

Ara finally tracks her brother to the land of Feita, but to her sheer dismay, the brother she once knew has become the notorious leader of the very demon army that destroyed her family. Aren does not acknowledge her existence, and even worse, Ara witnesses the atrocities that Aren is now capable of. Devastated, Ara descends into despair…
A faint voice is heard in the distance. The ephemeral, drifting voice is familiar, and the words spark a fire inside her—the voice is that of the nine-tailed fox, Eun.

Eun tells her that together, they will grow even stronger and overcome all that troubles her, but Ara knows that doing so will defy her ancestors and defile the ancient Haan tradition of Exorcism. Nevertheless, fraught with anguish, she could see no other way to prevail. And, though Eun’s intentions remain hidden, the fact that the stalwart Spirit has greatly empowered her and never caused Ara any harm in all their time together was enough to convince her. The fox spirit persuades Ara to succumb and to accept the Fox Spirit completely. Armed with both the Exorcism Arts and now the very Fox Spirit itself, her true power becomes absolute! Ara is the ultimate dark revenant —Asura.

Elsword Ara Haan Asura Pulverization

Secret Phantom Fox Art: Pulverization

As Asura, Ara has mastered the Exorcism Arts of her ancestors’. As a combo, players can use 4 new, Job specific skills in succession to unlock and unleash Pulverization, the new Secret Skill. Once executed successfully, Ara truly embodies the amalgamation of a master Exorcist and Phantom Fox to unleash ever-living hell upon her enemies.

Elsword Asura Millenium Fox

Hyperactive Skill: Millennium Fox

Once Ara’s ultimate power, the Hyperactive Skill, has been unlocked, Ara can summon the avatar of Eun, the Millennium Fox. The colossal spirit then sweeps the battlefield raining darkness and lightning upon all who oppose her.

With immense power, sheer cunning, explosive speed and a body to die for, Ara has reached her Apex form. The Dark Fox will bring the demonic army to its knees, and consume their very souls… Darkness is Coming!

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