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Elsword adds new dungeons

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Elsword’s latest content update is now live, adding new content for all characters.

Two new dungeons, thirteen new monsters, and 24 new quests have been added to challenge players. A third cash skill is also available for each job that Elsword, Aisha, and Rena have. Two new titles, Hero of Ponggo and Hero of Sonic, are also now obtainable.

Elsword is published by Kill3rCombo.

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Manga-Inspired Online Beat-‘Em-Up, Elsword, Adds New Content

Comic book action and animation leap off the screen as Kill3rCombo adds dynamic new content to its free-to-play online game Elsword today. Players can now experience expanded dungeons, enemies and quests as they choose one of three characters to explore the colorful world of Elsword.

New content includes two new dungeons and 13 new monsters to challenge even the most skilled players. In addition, players now have the option of a third cash skill for each job of the three main characters – Elsword, Aisha and Rena – and can even earn two new titles, Hero of Ponggo and Hero of Sonic. For truly dedicated gamers, 24 new quests will test combat expertise and offer hours of dungeon crawling fun.

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