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Eligium announces closed beta

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Frogster revealed today that Eligium – The Chosen One will begin its closed beta testing on December 19.

In addition, details about the mount system in Eligium were released. Mounts are initially cared for by purchasing an egg from a vendor, and then raising it. Once they reach adolescence, mounts can offer stat bonuses, but cannot carry players until they are full grown. Once full grown, these mounts can also be equipped and offer greater stat boosts. Players will be able to fight from the backs of their mounts in battle, making mounts valuable companions.

Frogster also publishes Runes of Magic.

Eligium Concept Art


Raise Your Mount, Soon!

Closed Beta Date Announced and First Glimpse at the Mount System

As Frogster gears up to the launch of ELIGIUM – The Chosen One, it can today unveil the starting date for the closed beta and reveal more information on one of its many features; preparing fans for their pursuit to become the chosen one.  On December 19th the closed beta will get underway, so to sign up just head over to the official website,

More information on the game’s mounts has also been released, as well as a collection of artworks from the developer, which promise to add a unique twist to the much loved feature.

My Kingdom for a Horse!
Every mount’s primary function is to bring its rider to their point of destination, without the arduous task of walking across mountains to get there. However, in ELIGIUM players can also ride their mounts straight into the heart of battle, without having to worry about dismounting. Of course, in order to make the most of them, players should take care to properly develop their mounts, such as by feeding them, otherwise a victorious charge could well turn into a painful embarrassment.

The process of raising your first mount begins with an egg; obtained from the many vendors found littered throughout the world.  Once your mount has grown to adolescence it will give a boost to its owner’s stats, but is not yet able to carry its master.  But once fully grown, mounts can take part in battles alongside their owners, becoming extremely powerful allies, and by equipping mounts with powerful items certain attributes can grow stronger.

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