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Eldevin: Patch 1.17 introduces mounts

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Hunted Cow Studios have released Patch 1.17 for Eldevin, their free-to-play 3D MMORPG, bringing mounts to the game for the first time. Eldevin is playable in browser or through the recently released desktop client.

Update 1.17 features 12 new mounts that can be obtained in a variety of ways. Players can start collecting mounts by visiting the Riding Trainer near the Eldevin Fountain. Other mounts can be obtained via crafting, purchased for Eldevin Points or Valor Points and found as drops from certain powerful monsters. One mount is obtainable only as an achievement reward.

Mount speed will be tied directly to the level of riding skill possessed by the player’s character. Riding skill comes in three levels, with each level offering a 20% increase in speed. For example; at level one your character will travel at 120% speed, regardless of which mount they’re on. At level two they’ll travel at 140%, while at level three they’ll travel at 160%. Level one riding skill costs 5 gold to learn, level two costs 250 gold, and level three costs 1000 gold.

We’ve also made some changes to weapon drops, adding in rare weapons which have all their attributes generated randomly, and we’ve updated trash drop in level 40 and 45 dungeons to drop components for the crafted mounts.

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