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E3 2015 Day 1 Recap – Crossout, King of Wushu, Master of Orion, and More!

E3 2015 Day 1 Recap - Crossout, King of Wushu, Master of Orion, and More! news header

Gaijin Entertainment

Crossout (8th Most Anticipated!)
On the first day of E3 we had a nice treat from Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games: We got a peek at the early-alpha state of the new car crafting and destruction game, Crossout. Crossout’s motto is ‘Craft · Ride · Destroy’ and that’s exactly what we saw. Going into it, we were under the notion of it being like Mad Max where powerful vehicles are made out of parts crudely welded together and then raced into the ground – but it’s actually more thought out than that, and equally cool.

In a couple of words, the driving and destruction looks both ‘fast’ and ‘raw.’ In many ways, Crossout is a throwback to car combat games of old, like Twisted Metal. In free-for-all arenas, cars are driven into winner-take-all deathmatches with mounted weapons including cowcatchers, chainsaws, claws, turrets, and rockets to name a few. Matches take place on a closed arena or track and last around 3 minutes. From what we can tell, the driving is arcade-y and flipping over doesn’t have much consequence. However, opponents are brutal and will take any advantage they can to blow your car into teeny, tiny pieces. In combat, anything that was put on a car can be taken off by force, so a car’s usefulness is directly tied to how much damage it can soak up and how much damage it can dish out.

Crossout Alpha Impressions E3 2015 Screenshot 01

“Crossout’s vehicles can look real mean.”

The car garage and editor already looks pretty user-friendly, albeit simple, in the current state of the game. Like other vehicle combat games on the market right now, cars are made from scratch using existing pieces like wheels, panels, guns, and driveshafts in a mouse-driven editor that snaps pieces into place. Creativity is at the core of the editor; the only real limit to how a car looks and behaves right now is its height, as it needs to be able to drive in and out of the garage. As a general rule of thumb, protecting the engine, wheels, and weapons from external fire is crucial in building a viable vehicle. As such, there is an in-game test track that’s accessible from the garage where players immediately explore the strengths and weaknesses of their creations over a variety of combat situations and course conditions. What really caught our eye was the ability to square off a creation against itself in order to find the exact weakpoints it has, providing a quick and solid testing method for players trying to perfect their creations.

Crossout Alpha Impressions E3 2015 Screenshot 08

“It’s basically an arsenal on wheels. An -insane- arsenal on wheels.”

Though the game is in early alpha, we think the game looks like a bunch of fun. We’re looking forward to more information about Crossout as it becomes available. Albeit our time looking at Crossout was limited, it’s certainly one of the cooler games we’ve seen so far at this year’s E3.

There’s a beta coming up this Summer, so head on over to to sign up and get early access.

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