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Dynasty Warriors Online officially launches

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Aeria Game’s hack-and-slash MMO based on Dynasty Warriors officially launched today, marking the first day of official service as well as a new update.

The update adds the Twin Fans, Strategist’s Fan, Pirate Sword, and Scimitar weapons, as well as new maps, quests, upgrade systems, and guild functions (Guild Mock Battles and Melee). Players may now also realign characters from one faction to another, an important step with a limited character creation system.

Dynasty Warriors Online is published by Aeria Games, who also publishes Shaiya, Last Chaos, Megaten, and Dream of Mirror Online.

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Aeria Games Charges Up Dynasty Warriors Online for Live Launch

Loads of new features welcome Dynasty Warriors far and wide for the official launch of the classic hack and slash MMORPG

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2010 The anticipation has been colossal, and the wait is finally over. Dynasty Warriors can fully collide as members of the Wu, Shu and Wei factions in the Three Kingdoms of ancient China. Aeria Games officially launched Dynasty Warriors Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), today with an overwhelming excess of new game features and items, including the ability to realign characters from one faction to another.

The live launch of Dynasty Warriors Online offers players a flood of new items and quests to conquer enemy combatants:

• Weapons – Battle with Twin Fans, Strategists Fan, Pirate Sword and Scimitar
• New Maps/Quests – Embark on several new quests and maps, including Marsh and River Port.
• Market Items – Take advantage of seven new upgrade systems for new gear, weapons and items
• Guild Functions – Join in additional Guild Mock Battles and Melee

“We captured the quintessential essence of hack and slash battles in Dynasty Warriors Online,” said Brian DeSanti, associate producer for Aeria Games. “More than just a pastime, Dynasty Warriors Online is a decade in the making culmination of a franchise players have grown to love. Players not only smack around their foes, they express their personalities and engage this epic social RPG.”

Dynasty Warriors Online is an action-oriented tactical combat game, focusing on frenetic fighting and deadly showdowns against giant hordes on sprawling battlefields. Player-created characters interact with historical generals and warriors from China’s famous “Three Kingdoms” period. Choosing from a wide variety of weapons, players defend their allegiances to warring factions and battle online to determine who will conquer Ancient China.

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