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Durango: Wild Lands Receives New Volcano Island Update

Durango Wild Lands Volcano Update

A huge content update dropped for Durango: Wild Lands today from Nexon and What! Studio. A vast prehistoric world awaits, ruled by dinosaurs and full of lush environments to explore. This update also adds the latest “Unstable Island” type, where players roam lands covered in molten lava and ash storms. 12 new species of dinosaurs arrive as well, from the small to the monstrous T-Rex.

The treacherous terrains of the latest update will be open for all veteran players who are level 56 and above. In addition to Volcano Island, special in-game events and supplies await all players of Durango: Wild Lands. Whether having close calls with giant multicolored iguanas or hiding under new exotic leather roofs, the ever-evolving world of Durango: Wild Lands never ceases to provide new excitement.

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