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Dungeons 2: Pre-Purchase Now Live On Steam

Dungeons 2 Main Image

Prepare for the coming of The Ultimate Evil by dedicating yourself to the almighty Dungeon Lord. Pre-purchase for Dungeons 2 is now live on Steam and offers a 10% discount to loyal followers of darkness who commit themselves early to the cause of the mighty Dungeon Lord.

There are also additional pre-order bonuses for digital buyers that will be unlocked depending on the overall number of Steam pre-orders for Dungeons 2 – including a digital soundtrack & art book, the exclusive ‘Morningwood’ DLC and even a copy of the Gold version of the original Dungeons.

Check out the Steam store page here for full details – and you can also pre-purchase Dungeons 2 via the Kalypso Launcher for a 15% discount and a digital download of the OST too.

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