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Dungeon of the Endless: Now Available

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Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios today announced its highly anticipated rogue-like dungeon defense game Dungeon of the Endless is available now for PC via Steam. The charming, yet brutally tough, genre-blending title is now complete and packed with robust features, from new spaceships (that affect strategy) to new jungle levels, a four-person cooperative multiplayer experience and a rich set of interweaving storylines. Dungeon of the Endless is available now on Steam: €11.99 for the Pixel Pack or €18.99 for the Founder’s Pack.

Watch the all new Dungeon of the Endless launch trailer HERE

Download the all new Dungeon of the Endless launch trailer and screenshots here.

“For nearly a year we have been listening to our community’s feedback on Steam and the relationship of creative support has been fascinating, challenging, and enlightening. The release is just a new milestone in this process,” said Romain de Waubert de Genlis, Creative Director at Amplitude Studios. “Dungeon is a totally different game for us, one that defies the definition of a standard rogue-like, and to a certain extent, categorization altogether. It’s equal parts rogue-like, RPG, tower-defense, and strategy game.”

Dungeon of the Endless constantly challenges gamers to re-think their strategies with little room for error yet with lots of room for growth.

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