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Dungeon of the Endless Announces Deathly Halloween Update

Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios has donned its Halloween outfit and is prepared to spook its long-time PC fans with a ghastly free “DEATH GAMBLE” update for Dungeon of the Endless, the rogue-like dungeon-defense game that specializes in death.

Starting today and for the whole week of Halloween, players are in for a number of dark and tricky treats. They will encounter Death, a new merchant with a ‘special deal,’ and they can potentially find a new item that can resuscitate the player carrying it, finally having a way to play with death…

    The Free Halloween Update Details Include:
  • The Death Event: A new merchant will offer the player a very ‘special’ deal; this deal will happen frequently during Halloween week, and less often afterwards.
  • The Time of Sands: A new item that can resuscitate the player who is carrying it.

Amplitude is also preparing an additional free update to be released next month, in which players will find a new space ship, a new hero, three new monsters, two new modules and a brand new ending sequence, in addition to gamepad controls, to deepen their strategic rogue-like experience.

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