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Dungeon Fighter Online Weapons Guide

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The folks over at Nexon have been kind enough to send over a short weapons guide for their 2D arcade beat’em up style MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online, or DFO for short. Each of the five classes, including the Slayer, Fighter, Gunner, Mage, and Priest have a variety of weapons available. This gives each class multiple options and players additional customization options. So which class and weapon combination will you try?

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Weapons Make the Warrior in Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online offers a nice looking default weapon to all players at the start. Still, it’s a default weapon for a reason – and the reason is there’s something better out there but it won’t just be handed over.

There’s two ways to acquire a new weapon in Dungeon Fighter Online – acquire as loot while smashing enemies in dungeons or using your gold to buy one from the merchants found in town. Whether gaining a new weapon by force or wealth, Dungeon Fighters have plenty of options. Each class offers five different weapon types and each type has several different options. Weapons differ by usage speed and reach. Dungeon Fighters will have the chance to choose a weapons specific to their style of play.

To help players figure out which works best, here is a list of weapons for each class.


Bludgeon Weapons (Average Speed, Long Reach): Dull weapons good for cracking skulls but not so good for complicated attack techniques. There are more appropriate weapons for higher-level players.

Katanas (Fast Speed, Short Reach): Asura and Soul Benders will prefer a katana and Berserkers can also use one to great effect. Keep close to foes to really show off the speed of this blade.

Short Swords (Average Speed, Very Short Reach): The Asura subclass uses this weapon best. Players must get really close to an opponent but will like the damage.

Zanbatos (Slow Speed, Very Long Reach): Berserkers and Blade Masters dig these powerful swords. There’s a lot of power and reach but be sure to have a sure shot or else players could get caught swinging when an opponent comes up from behind.

Beam Sword (Very Fast Speed, Short Reach): Only Blade Masters can use these special weapons, which dish out a healthy heaping of dizzying lights to confuse enemies before delivering the final blow.


Knuckles (Very Fast Speed, Short Reach): Nen Masters love these handy weapons, which are great for getting out of a tight spot quickly and creating some distance for a Nen attack.

Tonfas (Fast Speed, Average Reach): The weapon of choice for Brawlers, these do a lot of damage en masse, making them great for taking out whole throngs of foes.

Gauntlets (Slow Speed, Very Short Reach): This is pretty much an early level weapon. They are slow and can’t really hit far but are still better than bare fists.

Boxing Gloves (Very Fast Speed, Very Short Reach): Strikers are the only subclass which will equip with this weapon. These babies pack quite a punch and in a flurry.


Autoguns (Very Fast Speed, Short Reach): The Mechanic and Spitfire subclasses get their kicks with these rapid fire weapons but make sure the bullets will reach the opposition.

Muskets (Slow Speed, Very Long Reach): Spitfires use these as alternate weapons when a monster is far away. If players miss, it leaves them open for a counterattack.

Hand Cannons (Very Slow Speed, Very Short Reach): Any Gunner can use this weapon but the Launcher subclass specializes with it. When power is all that’s needed, Hand Cannons never fail.

Revolvers (Fast Speed, Average Reach): Rangers use these side arms best – and they pack some serious heat.

Bow Guns (Fast Speed, Average Reach): These are great all-purpose death machines and Spitfires know how to use them better than most.


Staves (Very Slow Speed, Average Reach): No Elementalist is complete with a staff in her hand to beat back the evil hordes. Battle Mages and Witches might want to find something with a little more kick.

Poles (Fast Speed, Average Reach): Heavy, hard and painful, poles are the perfect accessory for the Battle Mage subclass.

Spears (Slow Speed, Long Reach): Battle Mages can also wield a dangerous Spear and it’s great as a starter instrument of pain for the fledgling Mage. Nail those beasts from a little farther away to still get in those special magic attacks.

Rods (Very Fast Speed, Short Reach): Both the Elementalist and Summoner subclasses can get a lot of use out of a Rod. It is also a great beginner tool of death for any Mage.

Broomsticks (Fast Speed, Average Reach): Of course, only Witches can use these weapons and they can do so much more than just attacking monsters. With the right skills, a Witch can take to the air with her trusty Broomstick.


Battle Axes (Very Slow Speed, Long Reach): This weapon is a favorite of the Exorcist subclass and all Priests can cause a lot of carnage with these trusty double blades.

Totems (Average Speed, Average Reach): Monks squeeze the most power out of Totems, which are a good way to attack nearly every monster in the land of Arad.

Crosses (Average Speed, Average Reach): The Crusader subclass covets this weapon more than any other instrument. That doesn’t mean these big bad avatars of the almighty can’t dish out damage in the hands of every holy man. Every Priest should keep at least one in the arsenal.

Rosaries (Slow Speed, Very Short Reach): The Exorcist can channel divine power into these beads so as to harness the holy power of the heavens. Or just beat monsters over the head with these giant beads.

Scythes (Fast Speed, Long Reach): Most Priests find this weapon extremely useful but Crusaders avoid it.


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