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Dungeon Fighter Online introduces new class

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Players of Dungeon Fighter Online have been introduced to a new character today: the Male Fighter.

The Male Fighter is a hand-to-hand combatant, who may specialize in four subclasses: Nen Master, Brawler, Striker, and Grappler. The Nen Master offers a magic-based fighter, which includes the attack-speed-boosting Tiger Flash skill; while the Strike offers a quick, kick-focusing style.

Dungeon Fighter Online is published by Nexon, which also publishes Dragon Nest and MapleStory.

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Become a Master Fighter

Male Fighter invades “Dungeon Fighter Online”, two new subclass videos now available

Nexon’s side-scrolling beat-em-up MMORPG “Dungeon Fighter Online” is receiving the much anticipated Male Fighter class this month, and two new gameplay videos depicting the Nen Master and the Striker subclasses are now available.

As a versatile hand combatant with powerful kicks, the Male Fighter utilizes his Pure Walk skill to position quickly for attacks, making him one of the more effective close-range classes in the game. Players may choose to advance their Male Fighter avatar to four different powerful subclasses, including Nen Master, Brawler, Striker and Grappler.

Players who advance their Male Fighter to Nen Master will evolve their character to a magic-based fighter who is even more exceptional at close range. The Fighter will become more effective in close combat thanks to his Tiger Flash skill, which raises his attack speed significantly. For players looking for an even more close ranged attack fighter, the Striker unleashes a flurry of attacks with his feet. While attacking enemies, the Striker vanquishes dungeon dwellers with his powerful kicks and approaches quickly for consecutive attacks.

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