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Duelyst Winter Update: Frostfire Festival

Duelyst -Frostfire_Festival - Main Image

Bandai Namco and Counterplay Games have launched a holiday event for Duelyst in the form of the Frostfire Festival. A special game mode, festive new skins, and exclusive event-only cards await during this time period (ending on January 5th). The new Frostfire game mode allows players to complete event quests in a relaxed and unranked environment and will introduce a limited time quest to play 15 Frostfire mode matches before January 4. Win or lose, any player who completes this quest will receive one Frostfire crate. Faie, Zyx, and Zirix also gain limited-time skins for the season, and Festive Snowchaser/Frostfire Tiger will also come back during this event. There will also be two special login events during the festival, where players will receive a Frostfire Crate if they sign in before December 22, and a log-in between December 25th through January 4th will give two more Frostfire crates.

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