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Dual Universe Now Offering Free Trial

Dual Universe Free Trial

In anticipation of the title’s highly awaited launch on PC next week, developer Novaquark has announced that a free trial for groundbreaking sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe is now available via Steam. The studio has also debuted a new logo and launch key art to commemorate a major new milestone for the game and its community. Dual Universe’s redesigned logo intertwines ‘A’ and ‘V’ to evoke the symbol of infinity and the ‘Arkship,’ a generation ship that carried the first humans tasked with exploring the title’s Helios system. The new key art highlights its promise of a vast new universe to pioneer.

The free Steam trial, which runs separately from Dual Universe’s main persistent server, is designed to give interested players a comprehensive overview of what to expect when the title launches on the platform, the developer’s official website, and NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW on September 27.

In an effort to introduce newcomers to everything Dual Universe will have to offer next week, gameplay within the free trial is accelerated, meaning markets are seeded with useful items at greatly reduced prices. Players still need to make money on their own, but will be able to access the resources necessary to explore uncharted planets, form new business ventures, create priceless works of arts, and experiment with the most advanced voxel-based tools on the market from the outset.

The free trial server will be reset regularly, meaning all accounts will be periodically reset. Players will receive a notice on logging in at least one week prior to the next reset date. The frequency of these server resets is yet to be finalized.

The full release version of Dual Universe will be set in a single server shared by everyone. Users will be able to build almost anything as they participate in a player-driven economy, form organizations, and wage war with one another. Upon launch, Dual Universe will offer a sandbox galaxy entirely built and driven by the people who inhabit it.

Players can wishlist Dual Universe on Steam today ahead of its imminent launch on September 27.

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