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Dream of Mirror Online Welcomes Witch Doctor Class

Suba Games is excited to announce the addition of a new and exciting class for the fun free to play MMORPG, DOMO. The class Witch Doctor is a highly requested and sought after job for its interesting combat of slowly poisoning their foes into submission. In addition to this new class the spooky map Dragons Den has become accessible. Lastly Daily Events such as the Hot Springs event have been added to keep every day of DOMO fun filled and action packed.

Overview of Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor is a mysterious and almost certainly dangerous profession; they deal with the deadliest of poisons to incapacitate their foes. Using voodoo bugs to leech away at their target’s abilities and strength, any foe they battle will come to a slow and strenuous demise. Using dark and mysterious magic a Witch Doctor can also leech health and heal their allies by creating a sanctuary. A twisted group, Witch Doctors hold the power to either create or destroy in their hands.

Overview of the Dragons Den
Dragons Den is a frightful map filled with many dangers such as bandits and snakes and according to some legends it was once the home of powerful dragons. Some say dragons still live in this eerie map though the stories are rare and details are often missing. Now the area is filled with snakes of all sizes and colours, so players must be wary of their venomous bites. If you are able to make it past the snakes there is also a large group of bandits that have taken up residence in the old ruins of the map. The secrets of this map require a powerful mind to unravel.

Overview of Hot Springs
The summoning pool hot springs are now open for business, every day the citizens of DOMO can come and relax in the hot springs for some experience while socializing with others. In addition to the Hot Springs a few other daily events will be available through the Event Calendar in-game.

Dream of Mirror Online has just recently been revived and it is already receiving unique and exciting updates to provide more content to its already vast world. With constant support and love from fans for this MMO’s revival we have started a series of fun and unique updates to keep this game alive and thriving in its second life.

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