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Dragon’s Wrath – UI Preview

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Dragon's Wrath

Scheduled to launch this June on the games portal, Dragon’s Wrath is a horizontal, combat-based MMORPG that casts players as daring heroes during a time of great magic and mysterious creatures in the West. With so much to do and track in-game, optimizing the menu interface and screen layouts is a core focus for NGames as they ready Dragon’s Wrath for release.

From character customisation screens, to accessing vital information and equipment during quests and battles, here’s some new in-game screenshots that offer a glimpse of Dragon Wrath’s intuitive interface layouts in action.

World Map

The Dragon’s Wrath world map has been optimized with simplicity in mind, allowing players to navigate the main cities and their branching towns with ease.

Each individual city and town has its own unique interface and characteristics, and players can choose whether to explore them freely or automatically. From lush green vistas to luxurious metropolises, there’s plenty of variety on offer as heroes travel the world to complete their quests.


Exploration in Dragon’s Wrath can be a dangerous game, so it’s important to have all key information available at a glance.

This interface positions all key pieces of info cleanly around the screen; HP, energy and avatar stats are on the top left; the world map, settings, friend features and more can be easily accessed at the top right; and the bottom of the screen lets players manage characters, heroes, inventory and more with just a few clicks.

The optimised layout and intuitive icons mean all information can be easily accessed while still allowing maximum screen real estate for Dragon’s Wrath’s gorgeous visuals and action-packed gameplay to unfold.

Battles and Instances

When it comes to instances and battles, Dragon’s Wrath players can find key stats about their characters, handy shortcut buttons, and quick-access chat features carefully placed at the edge of the screen.

It’s all about efficiency here. Every other piece of the unnecessary information is tucked away. Out of sight, so heroes can keep an eye on what really matters – the battle against the Dragons!

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