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Dragonica Online’s Shamrock Shindig

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THQ*ICE has announced the holiday festivities for March in Dragonica Online, as players prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day through the in-game event “Shamrock Shindig.” The events begin now and will last until March 17th.

Events include:

  • Poporing’s Pot of Gold: Earn the Novice Banker Accomplishment by March 15th to win a special St. Patrick’s Day Hat! Each character with the Novice Banker Accomplishment will receive the hat.
  • Gold Amount Increases: Each Wednesday leading up to and including St. Patrick’s Day, we will be increasing the amount of gold your character receives by slaying monsters. The closer we get to the big day, the bigger the increase:
    o March 3rd: +25% Gold Amount Increase
    o March 10th: +50% Gold Amount Increase
    o March 17th : +100% Gold Amount Increase
  • St. Patrick’s Day Surprise: Login on March 17th to find out what we have in store for you. You’ll feel very lucky when you do!
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