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Dragonica Online patches to 1.1.12

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Dragonica Online is updating its servers today with a major patch, version 1.1.12.

This patch introduces the three week holiday events known as the Winter Solstice Celebration. The game update also prevents a party from leaving behind a dead team mate by going through a portal without them alive. A large number of bug fixes and tweaks are also heading onto the servers to fix standing problems.


  • Winter Solstice Celebration
    • A chill wind blows. It has traveled from the northern reaches of the world where ice-capped mountaintops fill the cold sky. Across undiscovered continents. Over frigid ocean and rolling sea. Through fields and valleys, forests and jungles. In its wake, a blanket of silence. It heralds a time of frozen quiet, a season of snow. It brings Winter to the land.

      However, not all is hushed in this world of white. The kingdoms of mankind have long been ready for the gray, icy days summoned by the freezing gusts. Though the air is brisk, the forbidding environment doesn’t deter the human spirit. Although the mounting snow lays Winter’s path, the villagers of Dragonica have prepared a welcome for the year’s final season. Decorating their homes with festive lights, the cities are filled with color and the sounds of holiday.

      Let the chill wind blow! The Winter Solstice Celebration has come!

    • Dragonica Online celebrates December with three weeks of winter events featuring holiday-themed monsters, buff-providing costumes, and collectible pets! Click here for full details on this holiday event.
  • Button in the Server and Channel select screen changed from “End Game” to “Exit Game”.


  • If a party member dies in a Mission Map or dungeon, the player must be revived or leave the instance before the party can continue to the next portal.


  • Corrected description text for Ninja skill Cherry Blossom Shower.
  • Corrected description text for Assassin and Trickster skill Burrow.


  • Updated Hyper Jumps platforms to show the direction in which the character will jump.
  • Ending animation for the Hero Quest to defeat Kungka has been corrected.


  • To reduce the chance of accidentally breaking an item, when enchanting an item from +15 to +16, the game will remove the item from the crafting window if there is no [Reinforced Enchantment Insurance Scroll] in the character’s inventory.

Player vs. Player

  • User interface fixes in the Emporia Status screen.


  • [Eye of Aram Recipe] description in the Cash Shop corrected.


  • The Top 10 list in the Cash Shop no longer displays the amount of ICE Cash spent.
  • For the Dragon Slayer quest, entering the Magma Dungeon no longer causes the [Flame Door Key] to disappear. Entering the Lavalon boss fight will cause the [Flame Door Key] to disappear. If players leave Lavalon boss fight without defeating him, player can now return to NPC Pablo in Libra and receive another [Flame Door Key].
  • Corrected the text for the following quests to indicate that characters must win PvP matches not just compete in them:
    • Donny’s Challenge
    • Ultimate Challenge
    • The Strong and the Weak
    • Absurd Suggestion
  • Corrected text in the “What Are Accomplishments?” section of the Journal.
  • Corrected the title of the quest “Love Potion (2)” to simply “Love Potion (1)”.
  • In the World Map, Ocher Forest no longer displays as having been visited if the player has not actually been there.
  • Fixed a camera bug and a map hole in the hidden map, Barlok’s Lair.

Known issues with this patch can be found in the Bug Reports forum.

Disclaimer: These patch notes cover all known changes introduced with this patch. However, some changes may be unintentionally omitted.

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