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New Dragonica Online Expansion ‘Tales of the Damned’ Announced

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The folks over at Gpotato announced on September 8th, 2009 that they would be releasing the first ever expansion pack to the critically acclaimed 3D side-scrolling MMORPG Dragonica Online soon. For those that didn’t know, Gpotato publishes Dragonica in Europe while THQ Ice publishes the game in North America. No official release date for the expansion has been set by THQ, but odds are it shouldn’t take too long for them to release update here in North America once it gets released in Europe.

  1. The new expansion, titled ‘Tales of the Damned’ will introduce an enormous amount of new content to the game. Some of the updates are
  2. Game Pad Support – Play Dragonica with a controller!
  3. Pet System – Players will be able to own one of many new ‘cute’ pets to help them in battle.
  4. Level cap increased to 65 – This is perhaps the most notable update in the Dragonica ‘Tales of the Damned’ expansion as it adds many many more hours of playability to the game. With a higher level cap, players will be able to further customize their character and learn never before seen skills.
  5. Guild PvP System – Guilds will be able to duke it out in a large guild PvP tournament.
  6. More Content – New monsters, maps, missions, quests, items, and more!

    It’s good to see Barunson Interactive, the South Korean developer behind the game, continue to update and support Dragonica with new updates. The ‘Tales of the Damned’ expansion will keep the game fresh and bring more users to the game. For those that haven’t played Dragonica yet, make sure to check out the official MMOHuts review, as Dragonica is one of the best free to play games of 2009.

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