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Dragon Saga launches Kyros Unleashed update

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Dragon Saga’s latest major update, Kyros Unleashed, has now gone live.

The update adds new maps and quests, introducing players to the Snowy Fox Tribes, the Ice Dragon Kyros, the Glacial Queen, and three more bosses. New maps include Wolves Den, Underground Graveyard, Spectre’s Tower, and Buhr Island. Skills have been updated and in some cases added across each class, and a new Street Stall system and PvP tournament have been introduced.

Dragon Saga is published by Gravity Interactive (WarpPortal), which publishes Requiem, Ragnarok Online, and Rose Online.

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Latest Update with New Maps, Bosses, Dungeons, Features and more!

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (February XX, 2011) – Explore new lands, meet the Glacial Queen in the Glacial Dungeon and prepare for the upcoming Ice Age as the Dragon Fellowship seek reinforcements from Buhr Island in the latest DRAGON SAGA update Kyros Unleashed” released today at 7:00 pm PST! More information can be found at

Players will be able to continue the epic quests in the world of dragons with new maps and quests from the Snowy Fox Tribes in which players will meet the Ice Dragon Kryos, the Glacial Queen and three (3) additional bosses. As time goes by, numbers of mysterious signs of the forthcoming Ice Age increase with the continent’s weather getting colder and monsters becoming stronger and powerful as players begin to explore the Specters’ Tower while preparing themselves for the coming climate change by gathering and trading items via the new Street Stall system.

Also, players will be able to make themselves stronger via the PvP Tournament system which will have a skill balance adjustment as well as a tactical, competitive “Defense Mode”. In addition, gamers will be able to assist each other under the Flag of Guild option which will make team work a breeze for all DRAGON SAGA gamers.

There is so much more than ever for DRAGON SAGA fans with the Kryos Unleashed update,” states Yoshinori Kitamura, Gravity Interactive, Inc. CEO, “existing players will love all the new additions, quests and challenges and new players will love all the exciting game play so come and join in on the fun now!”

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