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Dragon Nest Starts 2014 Strong with Requiem of Twilight

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Dragon Nest Requiem Of Twilight

Nexon America’s top tier Action MMORPG, Dragon Nest, brings greater dangers, more balance, and a new hardcore mode Dragon Nest to ring in the year of the horse with a bang.


Players have battled the evil clones of the dark scientist Jasmine for a full year, and now they will have the opportunity to face her head-to-head in the third Abyss expansion mission – Jasmine’s Last Stand. Or if you really want to feel the pain, players can take on the Desert Dragon Nest in hardcore mode.

Dragon Nest Talismans

But beyond the balance changes, players will have a new weapon to wield against these powerful foes. The new Talisman system, powerful new refined Lustres capable of boosting your stats or utility to previously unreachable heights.

Full details of the patch including balance changes can be found on the official Dragon Nest post here.

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