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Dragon Nest Resurrection Update Now Live

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The Resurrection update in Nexon’s fast-paced 3D action-RPG Dragon Nest is now live! While advancing their characters up to level 60, players can traverse five new dungeons added to the Lotus Marsh. Elevated boss battles also pose an additional challenge as Typhoon Kim and Professor K’s nests test even the most seasoned players. Gamers can also scoop up new costumes and uncover extra skills and hidden bonuses to aid in achieving level 60 status.

First-time Dragon Nest players can score a bonus by snapping up the New Player Pack, which includes:

– Adventurer’s Bag (5 Slots) – With all the loot enemies drop, a little extra inventory space comes in handy.

– Extra Storage (5 Slots) – There are some items too precious to part with, extra storage helps players keep them safe for use in the future.

– Dreamy Quick HP Gain Potion (10) – Replenishes player HP.

– Dreamy Quick MP Gain Potion (10) – Replenishes player MP.

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