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Dragon Awaken Officially Launches from R2Games

Dragon Awaken launch news image

R2Games is proud to release a new 3D turn-based Strategy RPG, Dragon Awaken. This semi-turn based game will feature PVP, SIM, and SLG features, and is available on the official Dragon Awaken website, as well as Facebook. In addition, the publisher plans on hosting several launch events with a wealth of in-game rewards to give to their audience. The goal behind these is to give new players a start ingo their new world. The Carnival is divided into 8 parts and 7 days of competitions and rewards. Each has its own quests, dungeons, and missions. Dragon Awaken also offers a flexible class system, and there are no “fixed” classes in the game. Players can freely choose and change their specialties using the skill trees. With this in mind, Duelist, Cleric, Paladin and Mystic can be used whenever they want.

Carnival Day Focus:

Day 1: Mount BR
Day 2: Hero BR
Day 3: Wings BR
Day 4: Dragon BR
Day 5: Character BR
Day 6: Relic BR
Day 7: Total BR

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