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Dragon Awaken Feature Review

Dragon Awaken is a new browser-based MMORPG from the creators of Wartune, Game Hollywood, and Proficient City. With turn-based combat, beautiful graphics, and an easy to learn system, Dragon Awaken offers a collection of features for players to enjoy.

Dragon Awaken Feature Review

One Character, Four Classes, And Fun Fashion

Players can enjoy all four classes – Duelist, Cleric, Paladin and Mystic – from a single character. This gives players the flexibility to choose what best suits their party for each situation. Plus in addition to regular equipment, players can find and upgrade fashion items for stacking bonuses.

Draken Awaken Hero Party

Recruitable Heroes

Dragon Awaken allows players to recruit a variety of heroes to their cause and join them in battle. Some of these heroes are rarer than others, and all can be upgraded to become stronger alongside the hero. Players don’t have to worry about not having friends of the right class with them when their heroes are at their side.

Draken Awaken Dragon Window

A Personal Dragon & Trainable Mounts

Players can find and raise their own dragon allies, each representing a different element. These are powerful allies that can be upgraded and change form as they get stronger. Like dragons, players can train and raise their own mounts, watching them evolve while offering bonus stats in battle.

Draken Awaken Dungeon Combat

Dungeons, Arenas, & Events

Players can explore a variety of dungeons designed to progress the game’s story, unlock rare rewards, and test their party strength. Players who love PvP will also be able to enter the Arena to battle other players asynchronously and raise their battle rank and fame. Daily events will also let you claim additional rewards to boost your character.

Draken Awaken Land Management

Land To Maintain

Each character gets their own parcel of land to upgrade and maintain. This works similar to strategy titles, where buildings can be upgraded for a variety of benefits. There’s even a farm where you can grow plants for experience.

Draken Awaken Dragon Battle

Friendly for Casuals

Dragon Awaken includes auto-pathing, an auto-attack system, and complete tutorials and quests that help point players just where they need to go. Plus with AFK experience gaining and a mining system, casual gamers can stay leveled up and not feel left far behind from others.


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