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Don’t Starve Together Steam Early-Access Starts Monday

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Dont Starve Together Announce

Don’t Starve Together, the stand-alone multiplayer expansion to Don’t Starve, is coming to Steam Early-Access.

This weekend, Klei Entertainment will have sent out the final emails to everyone who registered for Closed-Beta access with a valid email. On December 15th, they will officially launch the Don’t Starve Together “Frontier Pack.”

The Frontier Pack Includes:

  • A copy of Don’t Starve on Steam
  • Two copies of Don’t Starve Together (with Beta Steam Early-Access)

For people who do NOT own Don’t Starve on Steam, the Frontier Pack is $19.99. For existing owners of Don’t Starve on Steam, the Frontier Pack is only $4.99.

For more info about Don’t Starve Together and to get a taste of what’s to come, check out the most recent roadmap post in our Community Forum.

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