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Dofus: Update 2.19 Now Available

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DOFUS is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2014. Also, it’s having today its first major update of the year. On the menu, the addition of new features like treasure hunting, monster waves mode and dimensional travel.

The Divine Dimensions, the theme of the year
Divine Dimensions are the new theme of the year, shared by both DOFUS and WAKFU: they’ll be at the heart of upcoming updates. Originally, Divine Dimensions were private spaces, reserved to gods and some of their most deserving followers. But now, every adventurer of the World of Twelve can access them. For this to happen, they will need to follow the clues to find the portal leading to a divine dimension. But… in DOFUS, the location of the portal changes regularly! These areas offer players a real challenge, thanks to dungeons that use the new monster wave system; to combat modifiers (a buff and a debuff are applied to each fight within the dimension) and to other survival constraints.

Enurado, the first Divine Dimension
Enurado is a dimension created and ruled by the god Enutrof. It’s only one of the numerous hiding places where the Miser keeps his treasures. It’s the first divine dimension that the players’ characters can visit. They are sent there by the Order Errant to bring back a magical ore: orichor, a substance charged with divine energy. Enurado contains 3 dungeons (levels 100, 150 and 200), a new line of quests, new combat modifications (which changes regularly) and the new monster waves mode. Players wil face 3 bosses (one for each type of creature present in the dimension) as well as the Enutrof god (in the form of a gigantic chest-dragon).

Treasure hunting, the innovative feature
The opening of the first portal to Enurado has consequences in the World of Twelve: countless treasures have been hidden in every corner of the world. Thanks to magic maps and clues, adventurers can go look for them! After following the treasure clues, the player will be standing at the exact location of one of these treasures, which they must then fight to claim!

Waves of monsters
It’s a new combat system which awaits players in the dungeons of Enurado. The player will no longer progress through several rooms within a dungeon, benefiting from a break to heal between each combat. Now, it’s a single fight, during which new waves of monster will appear. No more downtime, no more resting!

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