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DOFUS and WAKFU Content Update Information Revealed

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Ankama Games has provided details about their upcoming tandem updates to both DOFUS and WAKFU.  Each month has a different update planned, tying four similar themes across both games.

April will see the release of Frigost, which has already been introduced in DOFUS.  Players can look forward to various ice-themed dungeons and maps, with a variety of gameplay elements.  June will host an update to Guild Vs. Guild systems, allowing players to form alliances with others, or conquer them.  The Haven World system will be added to WAKFU, allowing guilds to gather resources to build their own piece of the world.

August’s update will revamp Wabbit Island for DOFUS, with a new boss and new quests, and will integrate the island into WAKFU.  December brings in the Krosmoz Vigilantes, who may be the only hope against the Villains.

In between these updates, DOFUS players will also be receiving a variety of content as well.  February will see 80 new trophies added, allowing for new gameplay experiences.  May gives a challenging multi-villain fight in conjunction with the Frigost update.  July provides an update for Vulkania, offering new achievements and sets for high level characters.  September launches a new village, ripe with resources, just waiting for the best guild to take it over.  October will launch the Kolossium, offering casual PvP fights to spur inter-server competition.

In addition, February will treat WAKFU players to the long anticipated Masqueraider class.  March will provide a host of new dungeons to explore.  The famous gang of Ultimate Bosses will introduce a new member, The Dragon Pig, in May.  July will add Bilbyza and the King Gelly back to the game, along with another Ultimate Boss.  September will see a challenge to the Villains appearing across the world.  Finally, in October, the PvP system will be revamped.

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