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Dirty Bomb Offers Special Summer Sale Deal on Steam

Dirty Bomb Offers Special Summer Sale Deal on Steam News Header

Valve’s summer Steam sale is in full effect, and Dirty Bomb is joining in with a sale of its own.
During the sale, the Dirty Bomb Ultimate Starter Pack is 25% off.
The Ultimate Starter Pack includes:

  • • Five Full Time Mercs – Permanently unlock Proxy, Vassili, Sawbonez, Arty and Fragger.
  • • Proxy – Fast, agile close-quarters warrior equipped with close range weaponry and proximity mines.
  • • Vassili – Long-range sniper capable of taking out enemies from a distance. Heartbeat sensor highlights enemies, even through walls.
  • • Sawbonez – Medic equipped with SMG perfect for CQB. Can revive and heal teammates.
  • • Arty – Support specialist capable of calling in artillery salvos. Can throw ammo packs to keep teammates loaded.
  • • Fragger – Aggressive point man with a big gun, lots of ammo, and devastating Frag grenades.
  • • 50,000 in-game Credits – Get a head start on unlocking Loadout Cards to customize your new Mercs, or keep your credits in the bank for when the next new Merc becomes available.
  • • Two Elite Loadout Cases – Get your hands on some Silver, Gold, or Cobalt Loadout Cards for your squad.
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